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Ford Edge 2022 review: Specifications, features, disadvantages and prices


www.cars1.tk Ford Edge 2022

Cars: The 2022 Ford Edge is one of the most famous American mid-size SUVs, offering good acceleration with a spacious interior and many standard features, and today we will introduce you to it during its review.

The Design:

www.cars1.tk Ford Edge 2022

The Ford Edge 2022 has a stylish and attractive design with a front fascia with the iconic Ford grille filled with ventilation outlets, surrounded by LED headlights with integrated daytime running lights, while below it we see a wide ventilation port with side fog lights and a silver lower protection plate for rough terrain.

www.cars1.tk Ford Edge 2022

Black plastic protection panels dot the lower sides for the best off-road protection, a slender chrome surround sits around the windows to make it more elegant, and the sporty design of the slightly tilted roof features wide lamps including the Ford logo with two exhaust pipes and a prominent diffuser.

www.cars1.tk Ford Edge 2022

Cabin and Technologies:

www.cars1.tk Ford Edge 2022

As for the cabin of the Ford Edge 2022, it provides a spacious seating area for various passengers with high-quality fabric or leather upholstery, with the possibility of adjusting the position of the front seats in 10 directions, heating and cooling support, and memory for the driver’s seat, while providing the ST class with sports seats.

www.cars1.tk Ford Edge 2022

The most important technologies for the Ford Edge 2022 include a dual-zone automatic air conditioner, fingerprint entry with an 8- or 12-inch touch screen that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly, in addition to Wi-Fi hotspot services and up to 4 USB ports.

www.cars1.tk Ford Edge 2022

There are also 6 stereo speakers, a 4.2-inch digital screen for the instrument cluster, in addition to the ability to adjust the steering wheel position manually or electrically according to the category, with an option to have a control system for the level of acoustic isolation of external noise, and a luxury sound system from Bang & Olufsen that includes 12 speakers with surround sound.


www.cars1.tk Ford Edge 2022

The Edge 2022 has obtained excellent safety ratings in the US IIHS and NHTSA safety tests, and its most important safety systems include blind-spot monitoring, automatic headlights, rear-traffic detection while in reverse, lane-keeping assist with alert, front collision-avoidance assistant with emergency brakes, lane detection and a rear camera. .

Engines and Consumption:

Ford Edge is available with two engine options:

  • 4 cylinder 2-liter turbo with 250 hp and 373 Nm of torque, with an efficiency of 13.2 km/l
  • A 2.7-liter V6, twin-turbocharged, with 335 hp and 515 Nm of torque, with a consumption rate of 11.8 km/l

Both are connected to an 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system.


Ford Edge 2022 suffers from a clear increase in its prices after it abandoned the front-wheel drive in the global version to become available exclusively with all-wheel drive, and at the same time it does not provide a high level of interior luxury or high-quality materials, in addition to the excessive reliance on the touch screen to control a lot From the settings impractically.

The Price:

Ford Edge 2022 prices start at $36,145.

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