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Lexus unveils a new stylish and large electric SUV

 The RZ 450e Lexus is set to debut this year, but it won't be the only upcoming electric SUV. Lexus has released two more photos of a battery-powered SUV that looks like it will top the RZ450e model in the brand hierarchy.

The car also appears to be one of the seven models that Lexus announced last December, and although it is difficult to determine its size, it will be larger than the RZ450e and will top the range as an all-wheel-drive model.

The large Lexus SUV wears the same new spindle grille seen on other Lexus electric models.

The latest images provide a three-quarter view of the rearview of the stunning new Lexus and the interface also looks familiar.

The vehicle has rear fender vents and a full-width rear light strip that extends around the rear fenders and over the tires.

While the SUV looks attractive, the design could change before it enters production.

Toyota and Lexus are set to introduce 30 electric vehicles by the end of the decade, which is ambitious for a pair of brands that are just getting their start in the electric car industry.

Lexus will start the competition with the RZ450e which is supposed to debut sometime this year.

It shares its underpinnings with the Toyota PZ4X and Subaru Soltera, but the company hasn't said if the platform will support other Lexus electric vehicles, such as this large SUV.

The future of Lexus electrification looks very exciting, especially with the focus on the introduction of crossovers and SUVs. It also announced that it will turn into a brand dedicated to electric vehicles by 2035.

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