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Mercedes GLE 2022 review: specifications, features, disadvantages and prices


Cars: The 2022 Mercedes GLE continues to be US News' best mid-range luxury SUV, thanks to its spacious cabin, comfortable ride, sporty personality, and powerful engine, and today we'll introduce you to it during our review.

The Design:

The Mercedes GLE 2022 blends sportiness and luxury in its design, especially in AMG versions, through the iconic Panamericana front grille from the AMG division known for its high-performance models and engines. Front side ventilation, along with muscular hood lines and lightweight 21 or 22-inch wheels.

From the rear, we will notice the presence of distinctive LED lights with wide rear windshield wipers and quad exhaust pipes with semi-square nozzles that increase the luxurious sporty appearance.

Cabin and Technologies:

While the interior of the Mercedes GLE 2022 is full of luxury and sophistication through several modern technologies such as the MBUX system based on two large screens measuring 12.3 inches in parallel, with the ability to modify and customize the digital instrument interface, while the middle screen is responsible for controlling the various settings of the car and entertainment systems with the AMG interface And a high focus on displaying performance metrics from speed, circuit finish time and tire pressure level.

With full reliance on high-quality upholstery of distinctive Nappa leather, in addition to providing very comfortable seats for various passengers with spacious rear spaces, a wider luggage compartment than before, and cooling and heating support for the front seats, with the option to have support for voice commands and hand gestures to control various things.


Although the Mercedes GLE 2022 did not get safety tests, it is definitely at the five-star level through its advanced arsenal, which includes a rear camera, blind-spot monitoring, brake assistant, driver attention level monitoring system, automatic parking assistant without driver intervention, in addition to the safety system A precautionary system that closes windows and tightens seat belts to reduce damage, while adaptive cruise control, steering assist and automatic emergency braking make everyday driving easier.

Performance and Consumption:

Performance depends on several options of the types of engines as follows:

  • A 3-liter V6 with a power of 367 or 435 hp, with an average consumption of 8.2 km/l

  • A 4-liter V8 with 612 horsepower and an average consumption of 10.6 km/l


The Mercedes GLE 2022 does not suffer from any drawbacks, but the most important negative aspect for some of them is the lack of seating space in the optional third row, in addition to the exorbitantly high prices of most of the optional features, as well as the relatively poor riding experience in the case of choosing the Airmatic suspension system, which makes the experience softer than it should.

The Price:

The prices of the Mercedes GLE 2022 in the global market starting at $ 56,750.

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