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Regularly check these parts for safer driving


Continental, the German company, has provided a set of important safety tips and guidelines for drivers as part of its 'Vision Zero' strategy, which aims to achieve zero casualties, zero injuries and zero accidents on the world's roads. These tips include:

Tire Check:

Leaving the car for long periods of time without use can lead to unexpected problems. For example, flat spots may form in tires due to the downward pressure that the weight of the vehicle places on them. That's why it's important to maintain proper tire pressure at all times, and check them carefully before putting the car back on the road, and drivers who don't intend to use their cars soon, should move them a little every few days, or even raise them on four platforms.

Tire Pressure:

Under normal circumstances, the tire pressure level should be checked regularly (every 2-4 weeks). Before returning to the roads, Continental advises drivers to check their tire pressures.

Battery Check:

During the period that the cars are parked, the batteries are not activated and therefore may lose their charge level. So before taking to the street, Continental advises starting the engine and moving the car a little at first. If you have trouble starting up, you may have to replace the battery with a new one.


Due to inactivity, the brakes may become subject to wear. So when you start the car, you must first walk around it a little to check the brakes. And if the brakes squeak, then it's time to replace them.

Fluid Check:

Before driving, make sure your engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid and coolant are all at the correct levels. The lack of movement may lead to the decomposition of some components, and thus cause leakage.


During parking, dirt may collect around the windshield wipers, which can damage them and reduce their effectiveness when in use. So it is a good idea to focus not only on cleaning the wipers, but also the windshield and paint to ensure that the car remains in good condition when used later.

Spare Tire:

Drivers should also inspect the spare tire for damage or loss of air pressure.

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