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The First teaser for the upcoming Renault concept in May


www.cars1.tk Renault Concept car

Renault has revealed the first teaser of its new hydrogen-powered concept car, embodying the transformation and carbon neutrality path of the Renault business group, as well as its progress in the circular economy and in the use of recycled and recyclable materials.

The concept car was designed under the supervision of Gilles Vidal, Renault's design director, and is part of the company's recently announced goal to produce a 100% electric model lineup by 2030.

The new car also has many technological innovations and technologies that serve the safety of the driver and passengers. This new concept car will be revealed in May 2022.

www.cars1.tk Renault Concept car

Renault had revealed that its new SUV will be called "Austral", a name derived from the Latin word "Australis", and Austral is a word that resonates in many European languages, including French, which is important for marketing a brand. New proud of its roots.

According to Silvia dos Santos, Director of Global Marketing, Renault Austral is a high-tech SUV with room for passengers.

It's also very fun to drive, which is a new addition to the C-Class lineup. The Austral can carry up to 5 passengers and is 4.51 meters long.

The Austral shows that Renault is on a mission to regain its foothold in the SUV segment, following the new Arkana and Megane e-Tek electric models.

www.cars1.tk Renault Concept car

The Austral will also replace the Kadjar in the Renault range and will go on sale to the public by spring 2022.

At the 2021 Munich Motor Show, Renault officially presented the new Megane e-Tech Electric, the electric compact car.

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