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The most prominent 6 car malfunctions in winter


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We are pleased to talk to you in this article about the most famous car malfunctions in the winter season. In the cold season, a number of malfunctions may appear in your car, which may disappear again in the summer, due to the low or high temperature.

The most common car malfunctions in the winter:

As it is known, in the winter, the temperatures decrease and reach their lowest levels, which causes the appearance of the most famous car breakdowns in the winter season, which clearly leads to negative problems in the work of the car.

Car Tires:

Low temperatures affect car tires negatively, causing air deflation in the tires, so the tire pressure should be checked periodically in the winter.

Every week, check the pressure of the four tires in your car using a tire pressure gauge, in order to avoid tire cracks and damage that may occur on the outside of the tire due to low pressure.

And care must be taken to ensure that winter tires are in good condition because wet or frozen ground causes slippage, and consequently the grip between the tire and the road is reduced, which can cause very serious accidents.

Windshield Wipers:

In the cold season, the windshield wipers must be taken care of better and ensure that they are of high quality, as the accumulation of dirt on the windshield in the car while driving makes the wipers lose their ability to clean the glass.

Given their great importance and ensuring their best efficiency in winter, the wipers should be lifted from the windshield at night while parking, in this way we avoid freezing on the windshield, and thus easier to use when the car is started again.

Increased Viscosity Of Engine Oil:

The drop in temperature greatly affects the engine oil, as its viscosity increases inside the engine.

That is why the car should not be accelerated from a starting point, but rather wait for some time for the oil to reach all parts of the engine and thus become more slippery, then you can drive normally.

The Battery:

Batteries are also not immune to the problems of cold days, as low temperatures cause poor battery performance, especially if they are old and at the end of their life, so they must be replaced before winter if they are very old.

Spark Plugs:

Spark plugs are also one of the car components that are exposed to more breakdowns in the winter, especially in cars that run on gasoline and diesel.

As the carbonates accumulate on the spark plugs, causing their weakness in the winter, when faults begin to appear, especially at the first start of the car in the morning, as it becomes difficult to operate it due to its very low temperature, and the combustion chamber may need moderate heat to operate again.


Whether it is in winter or summer, the brakes of the car should be maintained periodically, as they are one of the most important components of cars, and are responsible for maintaining safety rates for you as a driver and for others while driving.

Because of the weather, the brakes are frequently used, so the braking must be good in order to avoid slipping in the car, so the brakes must be checked periodically to avoid any problem.

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