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How to charge the car battery without errors?


www.cars1.tk How To Charge car Battery

Some people question how to charge the car battery, although this problem is simple and does not require much concern, reminding some of the steps may be important from time to time, and it is easy if you follow the following steps.

1- Before starting any of the following steps, it is necessary to ensure the integrity of the battery body in the car that is not working. And making sure that there is no external leakage of battery fluid because this fluid is incendiary material, which greatly affects the skin.

2- After ensuring the safety of the battery and its external structure, and that there is no leakage from it, make sure that the wires connected to the battery are stable and do not move, and if they are not fixed, tighten and tie them firmly. You should also make sure that the connections attached to the battery handles do not contain rust or oxidation, and if they are in this case, clean them well and put them back in their correct place as they were in the past.

3- Try to stop the auxiliary vehicle near the location of the battery in your non-working car. With the need to make sure that the measurement of your charging connections, they reach from the auxiliary car battery to your car's empty battery.

4- Turn off the engine of the auxiliary car, open the hood in both cars, note the negative and positive signs, on the battery poles in the auxiliary car and the other car, and identify them clearly.

5- Note that the charging link mostly contains two colors: red, which comes in yellow or green sometimes, and black. Connect the red wire connector, to the positive (+) pole of the auxiliary car battery, and then connect the other end of the same red wire connector to the positive (+) pole also of the faulty car battery.

www.cars1.tk How To Charge car Battery

6- It is a very important step that many people may mistake, now connect the black wire connector to the negative (-) pole of the auxiliary car battery, and then connect the other end of the same black or yellow wire connection, The "ground" point in the broken car, which is an area and any metal part in the car's engine, for example. Do not connect this end of the connection to the negative (-) pole of the faulty car battery, which may sometimes cause the battery to explode, or the electrical unit in both cars to be affected.

7- After completing these steps in the annotated manner, and in the correct sequence, start the auxiliary car engine and then try to start the faulty car, which may not start the first time, especially if the battery is completely dead, try again until the faulty car engine is working properly True.

8- Before disconnecting the connections and wires from both cars, turn on some electrical devices in the broken car that require energy and high electrical voltage, such as the car air conditioner, seat heating, and rear window.

9- Next, disconnect the connectors from the auxiliary cars in this order: unplug the black connector from the damaged vehicle battery, then disconnect it from the auxiliary vehicle battery, then disconnect the red, yellow or green connector from the vehicle battery broken, and finally disconnect it from the auxiliary car battery.

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