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Nissan reveals details of the CMF-EV platform that underpins its future electric models


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Nissan recently unveiled its latest electric vehicle architecture, the CMF-EV platform, highlighting the intricate details that underpin its future electric models.

The CMF-EV platform offers designers multiple opportunities to innovate and redefine driver and passenger experiences. They are designed to form the basis of a wide range of eye-catching electric vehicles and are expected to become a key component of Nissan's Aspirations 2030 plan, the company's long-term vision to enable mobility and broader society through the impact of electrification.

The CMF-EV platform also provides further opportunities for collaboration within the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, enhancing manufacturing efficiency to achieve the joint goals of Alliance 2030 and providing additional value to customers in the electric future.

As recently announced by alliance partners, the platform will form the basis for 15 electric models by 2030.

the CMF-EV platform sabarcars.com
The electric vehicle platform will play a key role in helping Nissan roll out an outstanding range of electric crossovers in Europe while adopting new emissions standards, as Ariya leads the way towards an electrified future.

Among Nissan's flagship products, the company will introduce an all-new electric crossover that will use the CMF-EV architecture and be produced as part of Nissan's EV36Zero initiative, the world's first electric vehicle manufacturing ecosystem located near Nissan's world-class plant in Sunderland, UK.
The architecture of a cabin like a hall
Nissan engineers adopted the open floor concept and gave the CMF-EV platform a flat base. Electric motors are located directly along the front and rear axle, and the battery packs are designed to be as thin as possible, forming a structural support system for the platform.

Innovative engineering has given designers the freedom to act and embrace the Ma concept, a Nissan design philosophy that focuses on mastering the use of empty space.

The features of the CMF-EV platform will be shown for the first time at Aria. For example, pushing the air conditioning unit more forward and improving the front and rear seating positions thanks to the lack of a transmission tunnel allowed Nissan designers to take advantage of the available space. The cabin of the Aria is spacious and provides more legroom, making it more like a lounge. The cabin space can be adjusted further thanks to the movable center console.
the CMF-EV platform sabarcars.com
A perfect harmony of power and control
The innovative CMF-EV platform allows customers to choose the right vehicle for their needs, as it can feature multiple engine and transmission specifications, including one or two engines with e-4ORCE technology.

e-4ORCE is Nissan's most advanced all-wheel-drive control technology. Thanks to a series of precise engine and brake inputs, this innovative system achieves the perfect balance between powerful performance and unparalleled handling, giving the driver confidence while driving on a variety of road surfaces.

Thee-4ORCE technology provides a dynamic and confident driving experience and reduces the vehicle's inclination when braking, enhancing the brake balance between front and rear to ensure stability and provide a smooth driving experience for the driver and passengers.

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