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Elon Musk wants to cut 10% of Tesla employees


Cars – Days after being asked to return to work, Tesla workers may be about to receive a letter firing them completely. This comes after addressing reports that Musk wants to reduce the company's workforce by 10%.

Musk feels bad about his employees

And in an email sent Thursday, the Tesla CEO wrote that he had a very bad feeling about the economy. Accordingly, he wants to get rid of one in ten Tesla employees. Tesla has 100,000 employees worldwide. Musk also instructed company executives to "pause all hiring around the world." Which does not bode well for plans to expand the new Berlin factory, Germany.

The revelation comes on the back of Musk's announcement earlier this week that he expects all Tesla workers to return to work from the office. In two emails sent on Tuesday, Musk said workers should be in the office for at least 40 hours each week. It is assumed that those who did not respond to this announced their resignation.

Back to work from the office

And there was already speculation that the return to work mandate was just the beginning of a round of job cuts. Some industry watchers believe that Musk made the announcement knowing that many workers would not want to return to the office. Which would allow him to reduce the workforce at Tesla.

And Tesla bypassed production problems related to the pandemic and semiconductors in order to compete with BMW to become the best-selling luxury brand in the United States last year. But even so, Musk has been expressing his concerns about the global economy, warning of the risks of a recession in recent weeks. Inflation has reached record levels, and despite the abandonment of Corona restrictions around the world, Tesla has been hit by production problems related to the epidemic at its factory in Shanghai.

Musk previously stated that he believed the recession was actually a positive situation, and some should go bankrupt. Tesla shares fell about 3 percent in recent trading, and shares listed in Frankfurt fell 3.6 percent.

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